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Fitzroy Community Hospice construction to commence soon

We are proud to announce that the development for the first regional hospice in Central Queensland has been approved and will soon be ready for construction. The project, located in Rockhampton, is currently out for tender pricing.

External artistic view of the proposed redevelopment of the existing Loreto Convent

The existing Loreto Convent will be redeveloped into a 12-bed, 24/7 end of life care facility with spaces designed to create a home-like feel for patients. Each room offers en-suite bathrooms, private balconies, and a visitor bed while shared features include private family rooms, lounge areas and garden spaces. The 2nd Stage of development will add a family unit on the lower level, allowing families to stay onsite.

Internal artistic view of the front reception

Located on Agnes Street, The Range, the hospice is closely located to the Rockhampton Base Hospital and will give the opportunity for the facilities to share resources.

For more information about the Hospice and to register your support, visit:


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